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The farm and all the products that it produces are certified organic by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown program.

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Bees and Nucs for Sale

In 2013 we will be running about 30 bee hives on the farm, both for honey production and for crop pollination.

These bees are a mixture of Italian, Cordovan and Carniolan strains of bees in commercial Langstroth hives (although we also have a Top Bar  and DE hive as well).

All our bees have queens that have been raised on the farm. As a when we bring in queens to add to our genetic mixture - these are used for breeding only - They are not sold.

This means that our queens and Nucs are acclimated properly to the local environment. We do not let our Nucs leave the farm unless we are satisfied that the queens are laying properly and the Nuc hives are building strength correctly.

Depending on the spring weather - this means that our Nucs may be available later that those from beekeepers that offer a Nuc with any overseas queen bunged in a box with a couple of pounds of worker bees.

We are limiting the number of Nucs that we make in the spring of 2013 to to 12 only - on a first come first served basis - as of September 2012, half of these have been booked. These Nucs will not be available untill June.

We are limiting the number of Nucs in 2013 as we are going to expand our number of beehives up to  50 and we need the majority of the Nucs for our own use.

Nuc Hives

5 frame Nucs with at least 3 frames of brood, 1 drawn frame and one frame of food.

These will be available from mid to end of June- depending on the weather.

Price (Subject to confirmation) $ 180.00

Queen Bees

In the summer of 2012 we will start producing queens. These will be naturally mated  queens selected as eggs from our most productive and best tempered hives.

All queens will be kept in Nuc hives laying eggs until such time as they are sold. The aim is to sell really good queens that will last a long time.

We have been producing our own queens for our own use for the last 2 years and we have been happier with our own home produced queens than we have with anything bought in.

Price (Subject to confirmation) $ 30.00

Nuc boxes being carried up to the Bee Yard.

General Views of the Bee Yard