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The farm and all the products that it produces are certified organic by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown program.

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Imperial Green Longpod

Green seeded pods 15 in+ with up to nine large beans. It  is succulent, tasty and suitable for freezing. Height: 3½-4 ft. Grown and Selected for 5 years.


20 seeds

Masterpiece Green Longpod

A very good flavoured broad bean, with good pod length and remarkable table qualities. It may well be the best green-seeded variety, excellent for deep freezing and growing well under all conditions. Height: 30-36 in. Grown and Grown and Selected for 6 years.


20 seeds


This is the fastest maturing variety of any broad bean and an early spring sowing will out yield all others. This Broad Bean produces up to 34 good pods per plant! It is also winter hardy, outstanding for deep freeze as it does not discolour and probably for the same reason is particularly tender and tasty. Selected for 4 years.


20 seeds


An excellent dwarf variety only 12 in high that produces lots of 5-6 in pods each bearing five small, but deliciously tender beans. It is very suitable for successional sowings commencing late autumn (in a greenhouse) or late winter/early summer in the open. Ideal for the small garden. Selected for 5 years.


20 seeds


High yielding white flowered variety with clusters of 4-5 pods which grow facing outwards helping to make harvests easier. Pods hold approx. 4-5 succulent, sweet, small white beans, with an excellent texture and flavour. Height: approx. 4 ft tall . Selected for 4 years.


20 seeds

Broad or Fava Beans

Freight and Tax

One of the most cold-hardy home garden vegetables -- and just about the first seeds to be planted outdoors on our farm-- is the broad, or fava bean. One of the oldest cultivated plants, the broad bean is thought to originate in the Mediterranean region. Broad beans were grown widely in Europe during prehistoric times, and they were well known to the Egyptians and Romans.

When one thinks of beans it's natural to think cold-tender and warmth-loving, since the most commonly grown home garden beans -- snap and runner beans -- are tender perennial South American natives that need a well-warmed soil to germinate properly and abundant amounts of sunlight and warmth to produce well. These aren't planted until May or even early June.

The broad bean presents an entirely different story. Not a true bean at all, it's actually a giant vetch (Vicia faba), a cool-season legume like the pea, and the hardiest legume we grow. Depending upon the variety the upright, stout-stemmed plants grow up to five feet (150 cm) tall with dark purple-spotted white flowers followed by pods borne singly or in clusters in the leaf axils.

We always grow a few short rows of broad beans,at the very least, enough for enjoying fresh at several early summer meals and for freezing a half-dozen or so small packets for winter. On occaison we planrt a whole sea of the plants. One spring, standing in the field beside an immense planting in full flower, I discovered a whole new, lovely aspect of the broad bean -- the sweet fragrance of the blooms, not noticeable in my few plants but abundantly evident in this large planting.

Young Broad or Fava Bean plants.

Stands of Fava or Broad Beans growing in the fields.

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