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The farm and all the products that it produces are certified organic by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown program.

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COABC article 1.pdf COABC article 2.pdf COABC article 3.pdf COABC article 4.pdf

Article from the COABC’s Organic Grower magazine  Fall 2004

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Article from the Nelson Daily News

10th June 2005

Nosh notes.pdf Nosh notes 2.pdf

Article from the Trail Daily Times

29th June 2007

Coop article 10 2005.pdf

Article from the Kootenay Coop

October 2005

Alex atamanenko letter press.pdf

Letter from Alex Atamanenko MP 10th July 2007

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''The money isn't great - you aren't going to get rich farming. But ending up in life doing what you want is worth more than anything," says a contented Jeremy. "We have a nice little market garden operation with a few animals on the side. It's quite good."

Trail Daily Times

"I had to pull some lettuces but I'd been putting off the evil moment because they were the most beautiful lettuces I'd ever grown in my life," says the Mad Dog farmer. "I know they've got to go because I've got to start something else. I've got to make some money to live. But I hate pulling a perfect crop because it's just so beautiful."

Trail Daily Times

The Lacks are deeply committed to biodiversity. Not only is biodiversity of plant and animal life the hope for the future, it also keeps things interesting on the farm. As Jeremy frequently says, "if you are not having fun, why do it?" At Mad Dog Farm the fun comes from the experimentation that is constantly underway, trying new crop varieties from all the corners of the world.

Kootenay Co-op Newsletter

Nette annoyed at being held up from work - April 2010