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The farm and all the products that it produces are certified organic by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown program.

For more details on this please go to:



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Important Note for

Organic Farmers and Growers:

We certify that, all of the seeds listed on our website and in our catalogue are open pollinated and untreated seed, with no hybrids or GMO seeds being offered.

All seeds, tubers, plants and herbs are organically grown and certified by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown certification system.

As is the custom in the seed trade, we warrant seeds to the extent of the purchase price that seeds sold are as described. We give no other or further warranty, expressed or implied.

Our replacement / returns policy on all sales is as follows:

We will be pleased to replace any seeds which fail to germinate, or replace any plants which fail to thrive; providing that you contact us for a replacement within 60 days from the time you received the item from us.

The Kootenay Mountain Grown certification system details can be found online at::



All seeds are open pollinated seeds, GMO free and organically grown on our farm in the Kootenays.

These are the same seeds we grow on the farm to make our living.

We understand the importance of good seed. We have wasted enough time ourselves, planting seed with low germination rates, or with seeds that produce plants that don't come true to form.

All our seeds are germination tested - nothing will be sold unless the germination percentage from two tests are above 85%.

All seeds are packed with an outer envelope (as in the image to the right) and an inner envelope to reseal the seeds to be used for the next planting.

All seeds sold will be the same ones we plant to harvest as vegetables for local stores, farmers markets and for ourselves to eat.

Germination Testing

Most seed companies use fairly high tech seed germination testing procedures - optimum moisture levels, optimum germination temperatures and optimum lighting levels. Definitely not a real world environment.

We do our germination testing under real world conditions. We plant in two seed trays (98 cell), using standard organic potting compost (Sunshine Organic mix - OMRI listed), one seed per cell except the lower right two cells that are double sown.

Thus we plant 200 seeds, count the germinating seeds - divide it 2 and calculate the percentage germination.

We regard this as being a real world test which will give you a better indication of the actual germination that you can expect.


All our seeds and plants are certified under the Kootenay Mountain Grown organic certification system.

To view detail of this go to: www.kootenaymountaingrown.ca

For details of the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society go to: www.klasociety.org

Seed catalogue 2013 1.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 2.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 3.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 4.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 5.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 6.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 7.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 8.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 9.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 10.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 11.pdf Seed catalogue 2013 12.pdf

2013 Seed Catalogue - Click on the pages below download individual pages.

Seed catalogue 2013.pdf

Click on the image above to download the catalogue as a Pdf file.