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The farm and all the products that it produces are certified organic by the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society under the Kootenay Mountain Grown program.

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Japanese Artichoke

White, translucent mini tubers


10 tubers

Crosne or Japanese Artichokes

Crosne, also called Chinese artichoke, Japanese artichoke, knotroot and Chorogi. This is an Asian member of the mint family grown for its unusually shaped edible tubers.

They were introduced to Europe in the 1880s (first cultivated in France near Crosne, hence the name) and enjoyed popularity until the 1920s. They have been rediscovered lately and it's popularity has increased here, and now sell for US$90 / lb in the New York.

The tubers look like a string of misshapen mottled pearls (they are also described as petrified worms). They can be eaten raw, in salads, or stir fried, boiled, baked or in soups and taste great.

The plants need to be grown well to get good sized tubers and they are harvested once the fall frosts kill the tops.

We recommend that you grow them in large pots (3 - 5 gallon) for the first year, then pick a spot for them, where they can keep growing for ever as you will never harvest all the tubers.

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